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Compared to the brand's other more visually complex offerings, the stealthy DLC-finished titanium HYT H1 Ghost watch mirrors the original H1 which debuted at Baselworld four years ago with most of the usual components being visually apparent: there's a central minutes counter, a running seconds replica watches uk disk at 9:30 and a power reserve indicator at 2:30. But its unstructured dial exhibits a very subtle detail that's easy to miss if you're not paying attention - and one that lends the watch its supernatural rolex replica character: it uses a fluid-powered retrograde hour display running a ring around the periphery of the dial - where the bezel would otherwise be. This ring-shaped capillary is filled with an replique montres inky black fluid produced exclusively for HYT by its sister company Preciflex, and it is pumped around the dial via a pressurized bellows system. Fun fact about said fluid: it took Preciflex over 12 months to replica omega develop the specific chemical formula yielding the unique opacity that ultimately tells the time as the fluid traces its path around the dial.
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