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Low Energy Lighting

We are all aware of the need to reduce electricity consumption and our carbon footprint, with the added benefit of reducing our electricity bills. At k-Electrical and Renewable Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to installing products that reduce electricity usage, our carbon footprint and our bills.

Current UK Building Regulations (Part L: Conservation of Fuel and Power), in particular L1, state that a certain number of fittings must be installed in new build UK homes and extensions and that these fittings must be specifically designed to only take low energy bulbs, thus preventing the use of standard, inefficient, non-candescent bulbs.

It is great that regulations have been put in place to ensure energy saving electrical components are installed in new build UK homes and extensions. However, even if you are not building a new home or adding an extension, why not change your current lighting now, to achieve those savings on your electricity bill and reduce your carbon footprint. It is possible to get low energy lighting for just about every lighting requirement you may have, from the standard light pendent, through to complex LED internal and external lighting. What's more, they use up to 80% less electricity then a standard light bulb and have a life span up to 10 times longer. In the average home, lighting accounts for about 20% of the electricity bill. Think about it - 20% of your electricity bill reduced by up to 80%. Furthermore, every time energy prices go up, the saving is even greater. A small investment now, can pay dividends over a number of years. If you change a 40 watts traditional bulb with a low energy alternative of 8 watts, which produces the same amount of light, you are instantly saving 80% on energy consumption, carbon footprint and the electricity bill.

As a simple rule of thumb, if you take the watt power of a traditional light bulb and divide it by 4, that will give you the watt power of a low energy light bulb needed to give you the same amount of light. If you don't require the same amount of light, why not reduce it further and save even more on usage, carbon and the electricity bill.

JCCWe carefully select and install products that meet those 3 basic requirements - reduce electricity usage, reduce carbon and reduce bills. One of our chosen suppliers is JCC Lighting. A specialist supplier in low energy lighting that meets these requirements. Through clicking on this JCC logo, you can view their extensive range of low energy products and if you see something you like, we will source it for you and install. Further to that, peruse their low energy website, particularly the sections on the energy reductions you will make on switching to low energy lighting and with that the bill reduction that you will benefit from.

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