Electric Car Chargers

We all know about electric cars, clean driving and the environment, and that at some point it is likely all of us will be using an electric car, or at least have one electric car as part of a family, with the government making it clear diesel cars will cease being produced soon, it is only a matter of time before we all have electric cars.

K-Domestic Electrical Solutions are registered contractors for the OLEV (or OZEV) installations, focussed on installing Zappi 2, and Rolec units within the guidelines dictated to by the government and manufacturers to obtain the grant available to most domestic properties. We will guide you through the process and paperwork and make the installation simply and of no concern. Grant levels are set at £350 inc VAT max depending on the cost of the install. Depending on the guidelines, and if applicable to your property and car, we will make what seems a long and complicated process, rather simple. If you are not worried about the grant and simply want speed, then we can do that no problem at all.

We also have installed many other brands, particularly Tesla, who provide their own car charging units, so if you have a particular brand in mind, that’s perfectly fine.


Zappi v2